Squatting Toilet Bathroom Pooping Step Potty Stool

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The Squatting Toilet Stool, also sometimes called a poop stool, is a small platform that sits beneath your regular toilet seat. It elevates your knees above your hips when you sit down, mimicking a squatting position.


  • Promotes a more natural colon alignment, which some people believe can lead to easier bowel movements and less straining.
  • May help reduce constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Can be helpful for people with pelvic floor dysfunction.


  • Typically made from wood, plastic, or bamboo.
  • Usually adjustable to different heights.
  • Often has a non-slip surface for safety.
  • Some are foldable for easy storage.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing a squatting toilet stool:

  • Height: The ideal height will vary depending on the height of your toilet seat and your personal comfort level. A good starting point is a stool that raises your knees slightly above your hips when you are sitting on the toilet.
  • Material: Wood and bamboo stools are generally more comfortable than plastic stools, but they may also be more expensive. Plastic stools are typically more lightweight and easier to clean.
  • Adjustability: An adjustable stool will allow you to find the perfect height for your needs.
  • Non-slip surface: This is important for safety to prevent slipping.

If you are considering using a squatting toilet stool, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor first, especially if you have any health concerns.


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