NOVA Toilet seat riser with arms

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Experience Enhanced Safety and Comfort in the Bathroom with the NOVA Toilet Seat Riser with Arms!

Seeking to improve bathroom safety and independence for yourself or a loved one? Look no further than the NOVA Toilet Seat Riser with Arms! This innovative bathroom accessory offers a simple yet effective solution to promote confidence and minimize bathroom risks.

Gain the perfect boost in height.

The NOVA Toilet Seat Riser elevates your existing toilet seat, making it easier and more comfortable to sit down and stand up. This added height is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those who experience difficulty with lower positions.

Embrace the security of supportive arms.

The NOVA Toilet Seat Riser features sturdy and padded armrests that provide much-needed support while getting on and off the toilet. This added stability helps prevent falls and fosters a sense of confidence in the bathroom.


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