DeerValley Compact Dual, Flushing Toilet

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The DeerValley Compact Dual-Flushing Toilet is a space-saving toilet designed for smaller bathrooms. It features a modern, one-piece design with a skirted base that hides the trapway and makes cleaning easier. This toilet comes in two rough-in sizes: 12-inch and 10-inch, making it a versatile option for various bathroom configurations.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: This toilet is ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms due to its space-saving design.
  • Dual-Flush System: It has a water-efficient dual-flush system that allows you to choose between a 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) option, depending on your waste disposal needs. This helps conserve water.
  • Soft-Close Seat: The included toilet seat features a soft-close mechanism that prevents slamming and reduces noise.
  • Easy Installation: The DeerValley Compact Dual-Flushing Toilet is designed for easy installation, with all the necessary hardware included.
  • Comfortable Height: While compact in size, it offers a comfortable seat height, making it suitable for most users.


  • Space-saving design ideal for small bathrooms
  • Water-efficient with a dual-flush system
  • Comfortable seat height
  • Easy to clean with a skirted base
  • Easy to install

Things to Consider Before Buying

  • Rough-in size: Ensure you choose the correct rough-in size (distance between the wall and the center of the toilet drain) to fit your existing plumbing.
  • Seat height: While comfortable for most users, consider the needs of your household if there is a preference for a higher or lower toilet seat.


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