Elderly Handicapped Pregnant Women Toilet Seat Riser

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A toilet seat riser is a mobility aid that adds height to your existing toilet seat. This can make it much easier and safer for elderly people, people with disabilities, and pregnant women to sit down and stand up from the toilet.


  • Reduced risk of falls: By raising the toilet seat, a toilet seat riser can help to reduce the risk of falls for people who have difficulty bending their knees. This is especially important for elderly people and people with disabilities.
  • Improved independence: A toilet seat riser can help people to maintain their independence by making it easier for them to use the toilet on their own. This can be a big boost to quality of life.
  • Increased comfort: A toilet seat riser can make it more comfortable to use the toilet, especially for people who have pain in their hips or knees.

Safety tips for using a toilet seat riser

  • Make sure the toilet seat riser is securely attached to the toilet seat or the floor.
  • Use grab bars in the bathroom for added support.
  • Get help from someone if you need it when using the toilet.



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